• Our Management Philosophy“Contribution to Humanity” “Contribution to Society”

    The MOS Corporate Motto“Making people happy through food”

    We provide "delicious, safe, and healthy food" with "cordial and friendly service."MOS BURGER is a Japanese hamburger chain that has offered hamburgers tailored to the Japanese palate since 1972. Following the opening of its first store, the company rapidly grew into a nationwide franchise thanks to a combination of its menu of delicious, freshly made food and cordial and friendly service. From the start, MOS BURGER has pursued "delicious food" as its primary objective. Accordingly, its policy is to never leave food sitting out, but prepare everything to order in accordance with its "after-order" cooking system. The company has successively created a wide range of unique products incorporating Japan's food culture, including the Teriyaki Burger(1973), made with miso paste and soy sauce, and the MOS Rice Burger (1987), which features a rice bun. In addition to "delicious taste," MOS BURGER is also committed to the "health, safety and well-being" of its customers. MOS BURGER stores aim to provide delicious taste, health and happiness to customers and local communities, while also serving as a place where customers can recharge themselves for tomorrow.

  • Ever wonder what MOS stands for?

    MOS was given its name by the Company's founder, Satoshi Sakurada, as an expression of his limitless love for humans and the environment and a desire to establish a group consisting of people committed to that ideal.

  • We were born in Japan.

    In March, 1972, MOS BURGER founder Satoshi Sakurada started the first test hamburger restaurant in Narimasu, Tokyo, and a wide range of unique products incorporating Japanese food culture has been created successively until today.
    Since opening our first overseas store in Taiwan in 1991, we have aggressively opened stores throughout the Asia Pacific region. As of the end of March 2015, we have more than 1700 restaurants including restaurants in Japan, Asia, the Pacific and Oceania.

    Year MOS’s Timeline.
    1972 MOS BURGER is founded in Tokyo
    1984 Teriyaki Chicken Burger introduced
    1987 MOS Rice Burger introduced
    1991 MOS BURGER opens its first outlet in Taiwan as the first international MOS BURGER restaurant
    1993 MOS BURGER opens its first outlet in Singapore
    2006 MOS BURGER opens its first outlet in Hong Kong
    2007 MOS BURGER opens at Central World Plaza as its first outlet in Thailand
    2008 MOS BURGER opens at Mall Siam Paragon in Thailand
    MOS BURGER opens at Future Park Rangsit in Thailand
    MOS BURGER opens its first outlet in Indonesia
    2010 MOS BURGER opens its first outlet in China
    2011 MOS BURGER opens at Asok(Terminal 21) in Thailand
    MOS BURGER opens its first outlet in Australia
    2012 MOS BURGER opens its first outlet in South Korea
    2016 MOS BURGER opens at Emporium in Thailand

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